telmy Calling Card

New! The telmy calling card. You can buy the telmy calling card with a credit of € 10 with immediate effect. You do not need a PIN, we can identify you using your registered call number. This is how you can change the connections to your user account.

This is how to activate your telmy calling card:

  1. Register yourself at and set up a free telmy customer account for yourself. Your benefits
  2. After you have successfully registered, click: Activate Calling Card
  3. Scratch to find out code
  4. Enter the code

After this, your points to a value of € 10 will be credited and can be used immediately.

Make a gift to your friends, family and business partners and give them a telmy calling card valued at € 10. If interested, please call our customer centre on the hotline 02131 - 31 36 555

Or bid for the telmy calling card on eBay: telmy calling card + 10€ credit + 1€ free starting credit